Shaftson Festivals

Past Festivals

Tinnies & Two Up


The Shafston’s annual TINNIES & TWO UP LANEWAY PARTY is hosted in commemoration of Anzac Day.

Celebrate every April 25, the hotel’s laneways are filled with outdoor bars serving cold tinnie beers, delicious local food trucks, Brisbane’s hottest entertainment, and one of the biggest and best professionally hosted outdoor Two Up arena.

Bites & Brews


BITES & BREWS; a culmination and celebration of the best craft brews, gourmet bites and local bands the great south east has to offer!

Taking place in late February, the Shafston Hotel, its carpark and surrounding lanes are transformed into an outdoor festival – filled to the brim with deliciously cold craft beers, ciders, cocktails and wine, complemented by a selection of Brisbane’s most loved food trucks and some of Brisbane’s finest live music.

Hops & Vines


The Shafston Hotels Hops & Vines festival dresses up its laneways into a street celebration featuring fine wines, boutique beers, gourmet food vans and Brisbane’s best local musical talents setting the afternoon mood.

Day One Festival


Start your New Year at the most exclusive new years day event in Brisbane!
Once again we close down our laneways to create a festival-goers dream, right here in the heart of Brisbane!
Live music, gourmet food & delicious drinks add up to be the best day one to kick off your year.

Aussie Day Games


A day in celebration of all things Australian. Good food, cold beer, the Hottest 100 Countdown, and… games! Hosted by the Hotel our annual SHAFSTON GAMES sees patrons put through their wits and strengths in a competition of Connect Four, Jenga, Pool, Darts & (cheeky) Ping Pong!  With a $1000 in cash prizes up for grabs, this is one competition that will turn friends against friends, families against families, and strangers against strangers.

Keep your eye out for future Shafston Hotel festivals!


Please note, that the dates and times shown on the imagery may be incorrect as they are from previous years – Get in touch to find out more information about our festivals!